About Us

Foxercases is a custom designed phone case  accessory company which was first established in January 2008.

While at that time we focused more on software development and design engineering we have now moved on with the age and specialize in custom phone case design.

Online shopping was growing at a phenomenal rate and the way people accessed the web and communicated with each always changed. Since the success of the first iPhone, Apple have paved a new path for smartphones. We moved into software development and developed games and software as an independent developer. With much success on the some apps (ie: Photo Sticker Plus) we were able to reach the Top Charts in the asian regions of the Appstore.

Today the software development is still there and growing and now we have branched off from smart phone software to smart phone accessories.

We see the importance of each smartphone being relatively expensive and people like to protect their devices with style.

Our aim is to continually improve, re-design and show to the world the best of what we got because we just know we have it.

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